domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

English language challenges.

The first: I don’t like this class be obligatory, I would like that the person that would to learn English can take the subject, the person who doesn’t want to learn the language, no.
The second: really I don’t like this class, because I believe that this subject don’t useful to my career; if the class would be focused to each as, how to children to learn English, to each the pronunciation of the some letters, to each how to read and write this words, when can we use this words, etc. I believe that this class I would interesting me more, but don’t is the case, this class are focused in others aspects of the language. I believe this class are focused to speak English with others persons, but I don't meet persons that speak this language and don't interesting me to visit any country where speak this language, this is the one of reason because I don't interesting me to learn this language, because I don’t believe that I will use it in others moments of my life.
 I believe this class is good, (to who want learn the language); write blog helped me enough, to increase my vocabulary and writing, I believe that is important, to others persons, to learn other language, above everything English, but not to me. Besides really I don’t like this language because I very difficult to me.
There are many aspects of my English that I need to improved, like my pronunciation and  my writing and to learn more vocabulary, maybe to improved that, I will started to read a beautiful book in English, that to give me once:  The little prince.
Outsides the English class, really I don’t believe that I will use this language.  Maybe this language could be used, to translate some investigation about education, but no more.

sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012

Future job

Hi, today I’m going to talk about my future job.
Well… I study education, because I think through education we can change the world, and I think that the university has given me many educational tools, to become a good professional, a god teacher. I believe the best what university has given me has been, it’s show me the importance to know the sociocultural context of the child, the importance of the significative learning. That the teacher is the class, is not the only person in possession in the absolute truth.  Besides the mathematics class I liked so much, because I would like to be a mathematics teacher. I learned to make many funny activities to make with the child. I love mathematics!!!
But the university doesn’t given me all that I need, like I was think would to do it. For this reason before graduate me, I would like take some courses about other educational methods, in other institutions.
When I finish my studies at university, I would like take a continuing education course of primary education, but I think the first that I will do, is comeback home in Doñihue, to can to work there.
About my future job I hope can work in a little school near my home, this school is near to the hills, the landscape to work there is so beautiful, and I hope to be the best teacher to the children and what all that I teach their, seem their necessary and useful to their life.
I believe a one of my weaknesses is that I am a little insecure about my knowledge in some subjects.
My principal strengths is that I love that I studied, I know that I can make a good class according the child needs.

viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012


Well… today I’m going to talk about the town where I am from: Doñihue. This town is located 23 km near the city Rancagua in the sixth region. This place is surrounded of hills; its name Doñihue means: lugar de cerros, It’s a very quiet place. This town is small, and there connect the urban and rural landscape. Doñihue is famous for its Chamantos weaving loom, and for Chacolì  a typical drink of there. Each year between June and July for 3 days is celebrated in Doñihue La Fiesta del Cacholi, where is commemorate the year when was found the town.  It sells handicrafts typical of the town, food and some drinks  like Chacoli, Pihuelo and Navegado. Besides in the gym of the town to make a show with many guest artists. There are some children games too. I like to go this celebration because I can to see my friends and play taca-taca with their.
But that I like more of Doñihue is the celebration of  The summer nights of Doñihue, each year, in the last week of January in the Stadium of Doñihue it’s celebrate this party, each night there are many guest artists, like singer, comic and dancer of the TV.  Sell crafts, food, drink and games. It make a competition of the song, who wins the competition receive $500.000, any person can participate. I believe that the best of this celebration are the guest comics. Every night it’s free, except the last night.
I like to live there, I like the landscape, the people  and the celebrations, there,  are my family and my friends, I couldn’t change my town for any place of the world.

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

How green I am

Well… really I’m not very green, sometimes I try to be it,  but is difficult to me, because hardly every products, that I consume are very contaminant to the planet.
That I do it, to be a green person, and try to contaminate less,  is to recycle the tetra packs box, and when I have to print some works to the university, I did it at the back of the sheets that I have been used.
I have been use many box of the cereal, matchbox, cylinders of toilet paper, to make many teaching material: like puzzle, geometric shapes, to representation of numbers, letters, etc. With the caps of the bottle, to make the child can sort, classify too. And this way I can show them what all we can to do with these materials.
 Besides when I’m at the school I try to teach to the child to don’t throw trash to the street.
When I’m in my home I try the turn off the light that when we don’t use it, and turn off the television because usually is switch on.
But that I’m really important to me, is protect the WATER, I always turn off the water tap and when I was brushing my teeth. I try to take short shower, and use again the water when still is clean.
When is the hour's planet I turn off the light for the hour.

viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012


In my free time I like listen to music, and the music that I like to listen is reggaeton, some cumbias and romantic music in general. But I don’t listen to music alone, I listen to music with my roommate, and the music that we listen it depends of our  state of mind: when we are happy  we listen cumbias and sometimes reggaeton, I prefer to listen reggaeton, she prefer  to listen cumbias, and when we feel sad, we listen romantic music.

 We share the same tastes of music, is fantastic, her favorite singer is Adele, and I like Adele too, we like the lyrics of all her song, my favorite song of Adele is make you feel my love. My favorite group is Camila,  I love all their lyrics songs.

Sometimes we listen only her music, and in the other ocations we listen that I like me. Sometimes she plays a song, and then, the next song it play me. We don’t have a radio, so that, we listen to music from our laptops.

In general we listen to music every day, between the 9 and 11 of the night. The music that more we taste is the romantic music, besides to listen, sometimes we sing the song.

Every day when I go to take a shower wear with me, my telephone to listen to music there; there I listen the radio of the telephone. To listen the music relax me, I think is the best.

viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012


In this ocation I’m giong to write about  my pets.

Well I don’t relly like much the animals, but in my home now there is a cat,  is called niña. Is in our home since approximately  five years ago, belong to my mom, is the color gray whit black. Is  a cat very big, is like if be fat. Before we had many cat but always lost their.
Once time we had, with a ex boyfriend, a rabbit, it was called CAMILO, it was so beatiful, we bought in one market when it was very little. It was are so little that it had fit in one cage to birds. Since we bougth we had to go every day to market to go fetch some leaf of lettuce and some carrot.  After of one month  we had to change of a him cage because it don’t wonted fit , it had grown a lot. We had to make it a new cage, with more space to run and to jump. In some acations we had to carry to the bed to sleep. 

Well…the relationship is over and never more saw the rabbit because I could’t have it in my home because my cat could kill it, besides in my home there aren’t enough space.

viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

The best holidays.

I think that the best holidays of my life had been the last national festivities. I could go to my home for one week, I missed my family.

For three days I went to the home of my cousin in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, with  my cousins went to the Fondas. We went in one fonda called La Terremoto, where  there was good music of the years 70’,  80’ and ’90, there was Karaoke too. The prize to who song, was one terremoto of 750 cc.

 I had a really good time, I song,  and I  laughed so much of the people drunk. I met many people very nice, friends of my cousins. I met one boy very very funny, he was so drunk and he told me he was the better in all that he did. He was very egocentric. If he didn`t be drunk I believe that I punched.
I drinked one Terremoto, and eat many choripan.

The others days I was in my home in Doñihue, sharing with my family and muy best friend. In Doñihue I could’t went to the Fondas because all the people told me that it was so boring.